At The Graphic Distillery, we aim to make teams more productive and learning more engaging. We transform complex ideas and abstract concepts into clear, colorful visuals that inspire enthusiasm, engage your audience, and will change how your team thinks, collaborates, and succeeds.

Using visuals to clarify, collaborate and inspire!

  • I have been working with Emily for more than ten years. She is absolutely my right arm in any creative client session. Emily has many special talents, but I think her greatest gift is her ability to create visual metaphors in real time, for complex strategic thoughts. Her flexible and creative mind is of huge value during those moments when a team is struggling to shape their ideas into a clear concept. Additionally, Emily is sharp, professional and really, really fun to work with.””
    ‑Cecilia Lynch
    Founder and Principal, Focused Momentum
  • I’ve been working with Emily for over five years and it is an absolute delight to collaborate with her! She is a great listener, and is incredibly quick at translating concepts into visuals. Our strategy sessions and learning initiatives would not be the same without her charts to support our process, clarify our thinking, and share back our learnings to the organization.”
    ‑Andy Billings
    Profitable Creativity (VP, Organizational Effectiveness), Electronic Arts
  • Emily’s gift of visual thinking enabled us to deliver a world class strategic planning process.
    There is no one more intuitive, insightful and able to pick up the organizational culture as Emily is!”
    ‑Kristofer Cooper
    Vice President, Human Resources, MorseLife, Inc.

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