• Working with Emily Shepard is fun-filled, creative and incredibly productive. The final product she produces mesmerizes the room and serves as as a beautiful visual memory of what a team has accomplished. The strength that Emily brings is not only her artistry, but also her incredible ability to hear and synthesize critical – and sometimes very complicated – issues. I’m constantly amazed by her ability to “get it”. As a consultant, I would never have anyone work with my clients that I don’t trust implicitly, which is why I use Emily whenever possible. She makes me look good and teams always love her – both for her graphic facilitation talents, and also because she’s a warm, earnest, hard-working collaborator.”

    -Kathy Andre
    Communications Coach, KDA Communications

  • Emily’s animated videos are quickly becoming a critical asset in our change leadership strategies. Her intuitive sense of design makes her end product not only entertaining but highly impactful in delivering key messages for our customers. Simply said…Working with Emily is pure delight!”

    -Cyndee Lake
    CEO, Blank Page

  • My practice is much enhanced by using graphic recorders, and Emily Shepard is the best of the best. I love her colorful and energetic style, of course, but I prize her accuracy and ability to capture the valuable nuggets of conversation even more. On top of all these superlatives, my favorite part of working with Emily is Emily herself…always a joy to partner with on every project.
    And so much fun, too!”

    -Kaylie Dugan

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with Emily for over ten years across a variety of projects for government, education, private and nonprofit organizations. Emily’s work in a session elevates connection and meaning, and increases the lasting impact of everyone’s contribution. Her participation exponentially accelerates the client return on investment of time, while also making it a much more joyful process!”

    -Lisa Kay Solomon
    coauthor of the bestseller “Moments of Impact: How to Design Strategic Conversations that Accelerate Change”
    (Simon & Schuster, 2014)