Yep, Valentine’s Day is a made up holiday, but I still like this day of love, connection, and gratitude. And, even when the holiday is long over, that gratitude is still here. I’m grateful for you being on this journey with me, for doing what you love, and for valuing connection and communication.


I enjoy reminiscing about my mom taking us to the stationery store to get the white paper doilies, the red construction paper, and even a few sheets of those red, shiny cupid stickers. (My mom thought that stickers were a luxury item…!)


This Valentine’s Day, I wanted to appreciate YOU!  I had such a great time drawing you these four Valentine’s Day cards! They’re all here for you to download. Please feel free to send to anyone else who you think might need a card from you in their inbox today. If you want to see a time-lapse video of the making of the cards, click here.

Valentines Day Cards

And, if you feel inspired, take ten minutes and draw out your own note of appreciation and send it to a friend. Remember, it’s not about making something perfect, it’s about the ten minutes of “being with” your friend as you draw. Trust me: the handmade imperfections will make your card all the more sweet and personal. Supporting one another is where it’s at!