Over the years, I’ve taught many in person visual thinking workshops to all kinds of people, and I really enjoy doing it. I love seeing people shift from an attitude of “I can’t draw” to: “Hey! I can do this!” I live for that moment, seeing that spark of surprise and delight on people’s faces.

And now, I’m about to launch my first online class, so that more people can have access to building their visual thinking skills!

Draw it Out is an online class designed to teach you the fundamentals of visual thinking. We’ll learn to draw lines, simple shapes, and lettering. And (this is my favorite thing to do) I’ll show you how … how to hold the pen, how to move your arm, or bend your knees – the secrets of a body-based approach to drawing. Once we’ve practiced the fundamentals together, we’ll apply them – with my three go–to formats: the List, the Cluster map and the Mind Map. And I’ll share principles of design and rules about color to guide you. Plus, I’ve got nineteen pages of worksheets for you to download!

This class is not about learning zillions of icons and then feeling lost about how to apply them to your work. Icons are great, but they come later. Instead, you’ll Iearn how to make your everyday charts clean, clear and organized. These are the skills that underlie 80% of my work as a professional graphic facilitator.  When you’re confident in the visual thinking basics, you can focus on your work –– listening deeply to your clients, capturing their ideas, looking for connections, and supporting collaboration and action.

So, let’s do this! It’s a super fun and practical class, and I can’t wait to be your guide. You can sign up here to be on the list to stay informed.